Desktop Appraisal Solutions

Desktop Appraisal Solutions

Reinventing the Appraisal Process

We believe having the right people on our team makes all the difference in who we are and the quality of the work we produce. That is why we have hired the best appraisers in the areas we serve and given them additional tools to magnify their results and effectiveness.

The Best Appraisers

The best appraisers leveraging cutting edge technology to deliver the most timely and accurate valuations to our clients.

A Modern Solution

We are bringing a modern solution to the appraisal industry that will provide increased value, better communication, and a more streamlined approach between all participants and steps in the process.

Quality, Value, & Accuracy

We are reinventing the appraisal process while at our core holding to the time honored industry tradition of quality, value, and accuracy in our reports and interactions.

Quality solutions for an evolving market

Desktop Appraisal Solutions was created to be a solution for lingering problems within an ever changing real estate market and appraisal industry.  We seek to solve issues ranging from long turnaround times, health concerns related to the ongoing pandemic, poor data/quality, antiquated processes and systems, as well as reports of racism within the industry.  We are adapting and creating quality solutions to the evolving demands, challenges, and new appraisal products that have been created within the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we specialize in this specific type appraisal and have exceptional turnaround times.  We also can provide all standard and traditional types of appraisal reports as well.

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, California, with many more coming soon.

We can have most reports completed and back to our clients within 2-3 days of the inspection.

Yes we are always looking for exceptional talent.  Please submit your resume to or call our headquarters at 480-269-4316


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